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Reese from Grayslake
May 2021

She’s very welcoming. Gives amazing advice. Helped me become a wonderful nanny. I’m very thankful to have her in my life she made me accomplish so many things in life and her daughter as well the o...

Ayauna from Waukegan
May 2021

Ayauna is a great sitter! She has the kids do crafts, go outside, play games and have fun! She has been great about following our house rules. She is very responsible, reliable and caring sitter.

Lily from Parker (Colorado)
February 2021

Lily is great with our two small children. She is interactive with them and they are always excited to see her. Lily is quick to respond to babysitting request, and while you are away she is quic...

David from Foxfield
January 2021

Good communication. I hope to work for him in the future.

Dami Tom from Thousand Oaks
January 2021

My experience with Dami Tom has been really good.

Joshua from Lakewood
January 2021

Although I cancelled it because I had Covid symptoms he was very accommodating and polite. I'll use him again if the need arises.

Elizabeth from Staten Island
December 2020

She is amazing! She wants to teach my son something good

Jordan from Bethlehem
December 2020

Great! Jordan found us very quickly and we are very happy.

Charlotte from Boston
November 2020

Charlotte is a great babysitter! She does a great job watching our 5 year old. He's always asking when he can hang out with her next. She is very flexible and is always willing to engage in the act...

Jessie from Baltimore
November 2020

I had a really fun time babysitting! Their location is right outside of a park and it was super easy to walk to. The kids had a blast!

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