Tips for Parents

Teaching your kids online safety New

The internet can be a fun and challenging way to teach and educate your children. When is it ok to allow them access to the internet, in general, it is something that needs to be discussed within the family. There are however some things you need to take into consideration. Read on if you want to find out about the dangers of the internet...

Babysits & Caribu

Babysits & Caribu New

Parents, families, and people in general across the world are doing a great job following guidelines...

At-home schedule for kids

At-home schedule for kids New

After the children's excitement of school closing has worn off, parents begin to dread the chaotic w...

Babysitting safely

Babysitting safely New

Particularly in these times, many parents are in dire need of a babysitter. Some parents already hav...

What is Babysitting Remotely

What is Babysitting Remotely New

With social distancing the phrase of the moment, people are often rethinking their actions, being mo...

5 Ways to Help Others

5 Ways to Help Others New

Normal routines are almost destined to change now that it has been advised in many countries to stay...

Working from home with children

Working from home with children New

Working from home is being recommended and in some cases obligated by many companies in these times...

How to explain Coronavirus to kids

How to explain Coronavirus to kids New

How do you explain something to your children that’s out of your own control? We at Babysits believe...

Body safety and consent for kids

Body safety and consent for kids New

Body safety and consent may seem like a recent trend but it is a subject which should be taken serio...

A Guide to Raising Strong Girls

A Guide to Raising Strong Girls New

International Women’s Day is coming up, and to celebrate, we want to discuss what it means to raise...

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