Meet the Babysitter of the Month - Eline

Meet the Babysitter of the Month - Eline

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Every month we introduce a new Babysitter of the Month! The Babysitter of the Month is a babysitter working via Babysits who has received positive feedback from the families on our platform. Meet experienced babysitters on Babysits and get to know Eline, the Babysitter of the Month.

This month, we interviewed Eline from Geraardsbergen to get to know a bit more about her and her background babysitting.

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When did you start babysitting?

Since I was young I already knew I enjoyed spending time with younger children and I always loved taking care of my younger brothers. I also had the opportunity to regularly babysit younger children for friends and family and to play with them.

After a few years, I eventually decided to join Babysits in order to babysit on a more regular basis for more different families. This is a decision that I’ve definitely never regretted.

How often do you babysit?

How often I babysit can vary quite a bit. That’s something I also really like about babysitting. I have the ability to decide for myself how often I plan on babysitting, which is really convenient when balancing work and my studies. Usually, I choose to babysit at least 1x per week, sometimes even more often.


How old are the kids that you babysit and what do you like about this age?

I babysit children from all different ages, varying between 2 and 12 years old. I don’t think I could choose an age that I like the most. Young kids require more attention, but I enjoy giving them this attention because they’re so cute and sweet! Babysitting older children is also really nice. Often, they have lots of hobbies that they enjoy sharing with me and explaining to me, and you can also have really interesting conversations with them.

What do you like about babysitting?

The flexibility of babysitting is of course a huge advantage. But, next to that, I find making children happy really fulfilling. I really enjoy getting to know the kids and figuring out their hobbies and interests, so that I can make sure they have a really fun time while babysitting. It just feels really great to realize that your presence can have such a positive impact on a child's life.

What is your best experience as a babysitter?

My best experience as a babysitter is occasionally hearing that the children missed me. I think it’s so sweet that they also think about me outside of the babysitting hours, and it always gives me extra motivation to babysit again. I also treasure all the moments with the kids, for example, the first time they draw something for you or dancing around together to their favorite songs.

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