Babysitter Essentials

Babysitter Essentials

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When babysitting, it is a good idea to bring a bag with you with all the necessary tools to help overcome any emergencies you may be faced with. Expect the unexpected! It is also a good idea to be prepared with games etc to keep small children from getting bored.

How should you pack your babysitter kit? First of all, it is a good idea to bring a bag. If you are buying a bag for your new job, it is a good idea to buy a bag with enough room for all your babysitting essentials. Make sure the bag is versatile, therefore you can use it for school, shopping trips etc

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1. Bring material for arts and crafts

Do you have to work as a babysitter and don't know how to entertain the child? Babysits offers great suggestions. Take some material like paper, scissors and markers and bring some unused items from home that you can reinvent by creating diys. You can create a plane with a plastic bottle or an origami with colorful paper.

2. Bring some games with you

Board games such as "Snakes and ladders" or "Guess Who" are always successful both for adults and children. This type of entertainment is certainly better than anything that can be found on technological devices such as Ipads or smartphones. Board games keep the mind trained. Incase the children have trouble sleeping, you could also bring a teddy bear to ease their worries.

3. If you have a first aid kit at home, take it with you

If the parents do not own a first aid kit make sure to bring your own. Keep it in your bag and make sure it contains plasters, gauze, disinfectant and everything you need to deal with small emergencies. In these situations it is always better to prevent unforeseen events such as falls or small cuts.

4. Telephone

In general, your mobile phone should not be a distraction during any job, especially while working as a babysitter. But in case of emergencies it is essential to have it next to you. Make sure you have access to all the emergency contacts you need. Always be prepared to call in case of unexpected events or problems with children.

5. Ingredients for a tasty recipe

Is cooking your greatest passion? Bring all you need to make a healthy dessert. Spend the afternoon as a chef teaching your pupil. Ask parents in advance for any food intolerances and permission to cook in their kitchen.

Furthermore, ask the parents in advance what their children's interests are: there are those who love dolls, those who love to read books and those who love music. Act accordingly so you are prepared and therefore the perfect babysitter. The above list is not compulsory; for example if you are dealing with toddlers you could bring some stuffed animals to play with.

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