The pros and cons of kids and tech

The pros and cons of kids and tech

By Babysits
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Technology nowadays is mind-blowing. There is a device or app for almost every task or query you want to know more about. Our generation is so reliant on technology. Should our children be exposed to this so early on or should we try to keep the use of such devices to a minimum? Here are some pros and cons:


Language skills

Research has shown that the use of certain apps on tablet devices can improve children's vocabulary. It is also believed that tablets can help boost language use and social interaction for children.

Integrated Testing

Parents can visually see the improvements in their children's academic skills. For example, through apps that teach maths they can clearly see if their children are making improvements each week and where they may need extra help. Therefore parents can keep up with their children's educational improvements.


The main advantage of a child having a smartphone is contact. Parents can contact their child anywhere and at anytime. They can also use the smartphone to track the location of their child.

Future preparation

As much as we hate to admit it, technology is only getting bigger! Allowing your child to use a smartphone or device will definitely prepare them for the future at school and work life.


Physical Activity

Smartphones and tablets encourage children to be sedentary. This is a major concern for parents. This leads to no creative free play, no face to face social interaction, leading to no physical exertion! Why not try some of these fun activities to encourage your children to put away their devices.

Online safety risks

Cyber safety is a huge concern for many parents. Children using a smartphone or tablet are at high risk, especially if they are allowed to use social media apps.


It is important to enforce a digital curfew 30 minutes before bedtime, as the use of such devices can wake up our brains. Causing our children to be too alert to fall asleep on time for school.


Too much time online can lead to children becoming reliant on technology. This can sometimes lead to addiction. A set amount of screen time should be decided by parents to ensure children are not completely reliant on technology devices.

Hopefully these pros and cons can help parents make an informed decision on whether their kids should own a device or smartphone. A healthy balance is often best.

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