DIY Maracas

DIY Maracas

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Music can transport children to a new world, make them dance and smile. So, here are some steps you can take to make these DIY homemade maracas with your kids. Now, you and the children will always be ready to play along when you feel the rhythm!

Whether for having fun with siblings or friends, to bring to school, or as an accessory for a celebration, these little homemade maracas are a really easy to make and inexpensive musical instrument. But, how do you make maracas? Follow our steps below to find out!

In order to make them you need the following materials:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • paint
  • markers
  • transparent scotch tape
  • different colored adhesive ribbons (can also use multi-colored duct tape!)
  • rice, small pasta/noodles, or lentils to fill the maracas

To begin, you need to decide the theme of the maracas. Let your imagination run, and especially the imagination of the children; use paint to trace the lines, use markers to draw circles, flowers, or stars, and use the colored ribbon to give some texture to your maracas.

Once you have finished the decoration, you need to fold the two sides of the toilet paper rolls according to the photo. Tape one side of the roll, then pour the rice into the tube and tape the second side. Next, you can cover the tape with the colorful adhesive ribbon.

And there you have it, your DIY homemade maracas are ready to be used!


To have different sized and shaped maracas, (and use whatever you have on hand), you can also use paper towel rolls or even small water bottles.

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