Cloud of Kindness DIY

Cloud of Kindness DIY

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This cute decorated cloud has powerful words meant to spread kindness! This is a great way of teaching kids about positivity and small acts of kindness that we need to practice with one another! In fact, it’s the perfect World Kindness Day activity.

Did you know that World Kindness Day is celebrated on the 13th of November?

World Kindness Day is a holiday that promotes the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world! The purpose of this day is to help everyone understand that kindness is what binds us all together. With kindness, we can overcome the divides of politics, race, religion, gender, and etc. What began as an effort from the World Kindness Movement at a Tokyo conference in 1997 is now a global movement reminding everyone of the power of kindness!

The purpose of World Kindness Day is to highlight and encourage good deeds in your community. It also serves as a reminder to all that simple acts of kindness have power and that together, we can all work to create a kinder world. The day is meant to inspire you to believe that we can make a global difference one act at a time.

And what better way than celebrating the day with the younger generations with a fun DIY?

World Kindness Day: Kindness Cloud DIY

To create the craft project you need:

  • Scissors
  • Colored and White Paper
  • Glue
  • Colored Markers

kindness cloud diy steps

Step 1: Draw a cloud on a white piece of paper and cut it out with scissors.

Step 2: Cut small rectangular pieces out of colored paper, this is where we are going to write down the positive words.

Step 3: Glue the top part of the colored rectangular paper to the bottom part of the cloud.

Step 4: Think about the person you are going to give the cloud to and then write down what you like about this person, it can be about their personal traits!

After that you can decorate the cloud however you want, draw cute faces or throw on some glitter! Feel free to be creative and have fun with it :)

kindness cloud diy

kindness cloud diy

We hope you have fun with the kids during the process and we recommend putting on a cheerful playlist in the background to make it the most enjoyable moment possible! After the DIY is done it can be gifted to friends and family as a way to spread positivity on this beautiful day.

We hope you loved our Kind Clouds DIY! If you made the DIY, we’d love to see it!
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