DIY Sun | Paper Craft for Kids

DIY Sun | Paper Craft for Kids

By Babysits
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Looking for a sun-themed activity to do with kids? Read on to learn how to make this beautiful paper sun DIY with your children or the ones you babysit! It’s a perfect craft idea for kids to make while you're babysitting.


  • 6 sheets of paper (whatever color you want)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A thread or a string

Sun DIY materials

Step 1

Take a sheet of paper and fold it like the picture below. Then cut out the excess strip of paper. The purpose of this first step is to create a square. You can also use pre-cut sheets of paper in a square format, in any size you like.

Sun DIY step 1

Step 2

Fold the square in half to create a triangle, then fold the triangle in half by joining the two corners. You get a smaller triangle.

Sun DIY step 2

Step 3

Take your triangle in the same direction as the picture below. The side at the bottom is the fold of the triangle, the other two sides are open.
Cut off the entire right corner of the triangle, then make two cuts as indicated by the dotted lines in the photo. Do not cut all the way through.

Sun DIY step 3

Step 4

Once you have cut out the triangle as shown above, unfold your paper. You should have a square cut out like the picture below.
Now take the left and right corners that are furthest inside the square and glue them together, then do the same with the ones furthest outside. Once this is done, your shape should look like the second picture below. Then turn your paper over, and do the same step with the two remaining middle corners. You should end up with a shape like the one on the bottom right.

Sun DIY step 4

Step 5

Once your shape is finished, do all these steps 5 more times. When you have your 6 shapes, assemble them into a circle by gluing (or stapling) one end of each shape to the others. Your final shape should look like the image below.
Finally, attach a string to it so you can hang your beautiful sun wherever you like. And that's it! Your paper sun is finished! (Tip: if your sun doesn't hold up well on its own because of the size, attach the 6 parts to each other with small tape pieces).


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