Mother’s Day Origami Tulips

Mother’s Day Origami Tulips

By Babysits
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Running out of gift ideas with Mother’s Day around the corner? Don't worry we got you! These DIY origami tulips are the perfect Mother’s Day gift to help brighten mom’s day and show your appreciation.

diy origami tulips mothers day


  • 20x20 square paper
  • Wooden sticks
  • Glue (optional)

How to make it:

  1. First take a square piece of paper (20x20cm), then take one edge and fold it to the opposite edge on both sides.

  2. Then when we have an x shape in the middle of our paper we fold the piece into a rectangle both horizontally and vertically, getting a star shape in the middle.

By doing this, we should be getting 8 pieces of triangles when we flip the paper around, as the picture shows below:

origami tulips step 1

However, to make the circular shape, we should look at the 4 lines which we previously created when we folded the piece into a rectangle shape, both horizontally and vertically.

  1. Let's place our paper into a tent shape and fold the left top to the bottom middle part. When this is done we should be able to fold the right top to the bottom middle as well.

When finished, we should end up with a triangle.

origami tulips step 2

Our triangle has two layers now!

  1. Moving on, let's fold the bottom right edge of our triangle, (only the top layer, leaving the bottom intact), to the top edge, and repeat this with the left bottom edge as well. Now let's flip the triangle and repeat the steps with the opposite side which is our bottom layer.

diy origami tulips step 3

Now we have created a small rhombus shaped paper with two sides again.

  1. From here, let's fold the first right layer on to the left, and then flip it over to do the same with the opposite side.

Through the folding, one of the edges will be closed and the opposite open. We need to turn the rhombus shaped piece in a way that the open edge is on the bottom and the closed on the top.

diy origami tulips step 4

  1. When we have done that, let's fold the right and left first layer edge to the middle. Let's do the same to the opposite side as well.

By doing this, we have created two pockets in the middle of the rhombus which we should swipe into each other given that they have open edges. Doing the same to the opposite side as well.

origami tulips step 5

This will result in a 3D figure, by pulling the two sides away from the middle and leaving the middle open, which we can make bigger by placing a toothpick in it.

This open middle is very important because we can blow up the tulip through this hole.

  1. To get the 3D result we need to blow into the open hole which will allow the paper to bloom into its shape.

  2. Last but not least, we need to fold down the top layers to the middle of the flower, on each side to make the petals.

origami tulips step 6

And voila! You’ve created your own diy origami tulip, the perfect, everblooming Mother’s Day gift!

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