Dinosaur Finger Painting

Dinosaur Finger Painting

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Kids love nothing more than making a mess! So why not let them get their hands dirty whilst having fun and being creative? Our dinosaur finger painting craft is simple, quick and plenty of fun for little ones.

Take a look at our step-by-step video tutorial on creating your own dinosaur finger paintings! For a more detailed description, read our blog below.

All you’ll need for this DIY craft is some paint and paper! We used 400 gram acrylic paper, but any thick paper will do the trick.

The first step is to cover your child’s hand in paint. You can use multiple colors depending on how you want your dinosaur to look! They can also do this themselves if they’re a little older and you trust that the paint won’t end up in the carpet or on the walls! Once you’ve finished adding paint colors to your hand, you can go ahead and press your hand down flat and firmly on your sheet of paper.

Painted Hand Finger Painting Dinosaur Craft

Of course, you can make as many handprint dinosaurs as your heart desires. We decided to stick with 3! We went in with a paintbrush afterwards to fill-in any empty spots.

Finger Painting Dinosaur Craft

Once you’re happy with your handprints, you can go ahead and add your dinosaur tails. We opted for straight and simple dino tails but your kids might be more creative and want to add some curly tails, for example.

Finger Painting Dinosaurs with Tails

Next, you can add those extra dinosaur details. We added spikes along the tails of our dinosaurs.

Finger Painting Dinosaurs Details

And for good measure, why not use your fingers to create some spots on your dinosaurs’ backs?

Finger Painting Dinosaurs Spot Details

Lastly, add some eyes and a smile, and you’re done!

Craft for kids dinosaur finger painting

Our handprint dinosaurs looked great on the fridge, but you could also pin it to a board in your child’s room, or why not frame it as a keepsake?

Craft for kids dinosaur finger painting idea

Kids will take any opportunity to get their hands dirty! Creating your own dinosaur finger painting art is the perfect way to teach your kids about dinosaurs whilst also being interactive and having fun together. Paleontologists speculate that there are plenty of dinosaurs still undiscovered. Ask your children what kinds of dinosaurs they think are yet to be discovered!

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