Bunny Basket DIY for Easter

Bunny Basket DIY for Easter

By Babysits
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Easter is on the horizon! And whilst kids have been dreaming about the number of chocolate eggs they’ll be able to happily devour, we’ve been busy dreaming up some new creative DIYs for you! We’ve created a printable DIY bunny basket template that your kids can use to create their very own bunny basket to collect eggs this Easter. Or, better yet, why not have them create one for a friend?

First things first, let’s print out the template:

Bunny Basket

Once you’ve done this, you can cut out the template and use it as a stencil to trace onto thick paper (we used 400g acrylic paper). We opted for a thicker paper so that the basket could hold the weight of the chocolate eggs! However, you don’t need to use fancy acrylic paper - any cardboard craft paper will do the trick. **Tip: make tracing easier by using an adhesive putty to stick the template to the paper. **

Easter Template

Now for the fun part - painting! We used acrylic paint and mixed a light blue colour for our bunny. This part is particularly great for keeping the kids happy and entertained while they create their own designs.

Easter Template Painting

Adding the smaller details will help bring your bunny to life. Depending on the age of your child, they might need a little bit of help with this part.

Painted Easter Template

Once the paint has dried, it’s time to get cutting! Of course, younger kids might need help with the scissors. Tip: be extra careful not to accidentally cut off the bunny ears - it’s easier to do than you might think!

Cut Out Easter Template

We’re nearly there! Now you can start folding the bunny basket and really bringing it to life. We recommend using an all-purpose quick-drying glue to stick the sides together.

Folded Template

And don’t forget the strap! After all, what’s a basket if it doesn’t have a strap? We let the glue dry a bit (so it was extra sticky) before fixing the strap in place.

Easter Basket Template

And now for the finishing touch: a fluffy bunny tail! We used a large white pom pom to polish off this adorable Easter bunny basket.

Pom Pom Tail

And there we have it: an Easter bunny basket ready to collect eggs on Easter morning! The baskets are quite small so they would also make the perfect gift for friends or family members.

Easter Bunny Template

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