8 Babysitting Mistakes

8 Babysitting Mistakes

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By Babysits
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Do you know how much you can learn as a babysitter? First of all, it can help establish parenting skills that can be used in the future and ensure the wellbeing of children. Secondly, If you are currently studying in college towards a child-related occupation, babysitting can provide great experience/skills to add to your resume. However, working with kids is a huge responsibility and does include many challenged. But there is no need to worry! We are here to help you overcome the most common mistakes to ensure the most important thing: the safety of the children you are taking care of. It's also nice to achieve a glowing reference afterwards.

Here are 8 mistakes to avoid during babysitting:

1. Arriving at the babysitting appointment late

Arriving late to a babysitting appointment can come across quite unprofessional. Therefore, you should prepare in advance to ensure you have enough time to arrive at the agreed location. Prior to the babysitting appointment ask what tasks you are required to do so that you’re ready to take the reins when the babysitting appointment begins.

2. Overuse of your phone

Whilst taking care of children, it’s not a good idea to be chatting on your phone or scrolling social media platforms. Don’t forget that you’re being paid to work, so it is best to save your personal conversations for your free time. Instead, why not get creative with some fun DIYs for the children.

3. Posting photos on social media

While you may want to share a photo of an awesome recipe that you created with the child you’re babysitting on Instagram, you should always remember that you need to get permission from the parents if you’re going to post pictures of their children or their house online.

4. Working while you’re sick

It can be frustrating if you need to cancel a babysitting appointment, however, if you feel sick it’s better to cancel the appointment. It’s more difficult to handle energetic children if you are not feeling well, and there is also the risk of infecting the children if your sickness is contagious. However, if you do feel well enough to babysit, make sure to be careful around the children by washing your hands and disposing of your tissues properly.

5. Use of bad language

Kids learn faster than you think, and can quickly pick up inappropriate language if they are exposed to it. A babysitter should set an example as they are a role model for the children, and should avoid teaching them inappropriate language or curse words.

6. Drinking alcohol

It can be tempting to drink a glass of wine after the children have been put in bed, however, don’t forget that you are still babysitting and are responsible for the kids. A child can wake up in the middle of their sleep and you have to be able to care for the child. There is also the possibility of an emergency where you may be required to drive the children to the closest emergency room or doctor’s office.

7. Smoking

It’s also recommended not to smoke while babysitting, as it provides a bad example for the children and can be bad for their health (and yours), and often is not allowed by the parents. Secondary smoke can cause respiratory problems in children, and for those with asthma, it can cause more frequent and severe asthma attacks.

8. Letting kids break their parent’s rules

It is important to know what activities the children are allowed to do ahead of time. For example, if the parents don’t allow the kids to eat ice cream or watch T.V., the babysitter must also follow these rules. Never leave the kids alone without supervision. Children can be unpredictable and accidents can happen. Babysitting is a job that requires a lot of responsibility and your full attention to avoid accidents.

babysitting mistakes

Babysitting is an extremely important role, always conduct yourself in a professional manner that keeps the children safe. By doing this, parents will be more likely to feel like their children are in good hands. In addition, they may choose you for your service again and may even recommend you to their friends (ka-ching).

Let the children know that they must follow the rules by being an example. Then they will learn by your example. If you need more help preparing for your babysitting job make sure to check out our article regarding how to deal with your first day of work.

Now that you know what not to do, it's time to get cracking finding the perfect babysitting job! Or perhaps you're looking for nanny jobs? Either way, we've got you covered! Use Babysits to find local childminding jobs today.

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