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My name is Roxana , I am eighteen years old. I graduated high school in 2018 at Los Angeles Academy of Arts and Enterprise, and I am currently enrolled as a freshman in CSULA. My major is actually a neonatal nurse, which hopefully I make in within the next four have volunteered at MacArthur Park Recreation Center, specifically their summer camp program from I have babysat kids since the age of 15, the majority I took care since newborn until they went to kindergarten. I love working with kids a lot and babysitting is actually like a hobby to be because it's something I enjoy doing and not for the money. Personally, since the day a child is born they are dependent of the people around him/her, and I think that in general as parents you seek for someone you can trust with your child, someone who will protect them and care for them. I seek for a job as a babysitter because as a college student I need a job to be able to be financially stabilize, and why not work into something I have always loved doing as such a young age. I love seeing newborns get use to their new world while toddlers discovering the world around with my experience in babysitting I have taken care of five boys and three girls in total since newborns until about the age of four.


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  • Spanish


  • High School Degree
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Age 18
Experience with babysitting 4 - 5 years
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  • Preschooler
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