Ways fathers can inspire their children

Ways fathers can inspire their children

By Babysits, 4 min read

Father’s Day is right around the corner, we want to highlight the amazing dads and father figures that make up our community. Every family is different, some children grow up with one dad, some with two dads, and others with none, and that’s ok! Children need good role-models in their lives, whether it’s their dad, mom, grandparent, teacher, coach, or whoever. This Father’s Day, take the time to think about what a father-figure in your life has taught you so you can properly thank them! Are you a father? What are some values you’ve instilled in your kids or lessons you’ve taught them? Keep reading to see some examples of what good father-figures and role-models can teach their children so that you can share your gratitude.

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Characteristics of the child

Courage, curiosity, and self confidence are some examples of valuable qualities that children can learn from their father figure(s). Children who grow up with good role models in their life, like an engaged father, often show less negative emotions, uncertainty, and fear.

The development of the child

Research has shown that when a father figure shows support and affection to a child, that this can stimulate several different abilities. For example, it can stimulate cognitive ability - ability of the brain. This can help children learn better and have better memory recall. Next to this, father figures can also stimulate “empathy and social skills”. This helps children learn how to deal with their own emotions and how they can interact socially with others. Finally, it helps them learn how to put themselves in others' shoes and be empathetic to others’ feelings.

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The child’s performance in school

As we mentioned above, an engaged father figure stimulates many developments in a child. And guess what? This also has a positive effect on the child’s performance in school. On average, children with a present father figure perform better in school. Children with a father figure often perform better in other areas as well, such as sports or work.

Relationships with others

Having a father figure doesn’t only have influence on the development of the child and what type of person they become, father figures also have influence on what type of relationships that the children have with others. The way that the father interacts with the children has an impact on what the children look for in other people. For example, what they look for in their friends, and later potentially other types of relationships: romantic, work, etc. The patterns that the father shows in their relationship with their children can determine how the children interact with others.

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Being brave

Nothing is more fun than playing games with your father figure, having competitions, climbing trees, puddle jumping, and building forts! These activities are really great and a fun way for fathers to bond with their children. But, these activities aren’t only fun, you can also learn a lot from them as a child! These are typical activities where kids can learn how to be brave from their father figure(s), to push boundaries and persevere. Characteristics where you’re sure to benefit from in your life!

Father figures are amazing and bring so much good into children’s lives. Put your father figure in the spotlight this Father’s Day! You can do this by reading this article to them, so they see how important they are, by giving them a big hug, or of course by giving them a sweet, homemade gift.

Happy Father’s Day!

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