Macrame leaves craft for kids

Macrame leaves craft for kids

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By Babysits
3 min read

Do you want to combine a fun kid’s activity with an awesome decoration for their room? We have the perfect tutorial for you! Make this macrame DIY with us in just a few simple steps. The project is simple enough for kids to do themselves and a fun way to create a unique, customised room accessory. You can also plan this DIY as an activity while you are babysitting!

What will you need for this DIY?

  • Macramé thread (we made ours with wool)
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • A branch
  • Wooden beads (whatever size you want)
  • Spray glue or hairspray

Macrame leaves DIY equipment

Step 1

Cut a 70 cm piece of thread and fold it in half. To make the next steps easier, we suggest taping each end to your table. For the rest of the leaf, you will need 15 cm threads, about sixty or so, but you can cut them as you go along.

Macrame leaves DIY step 3

Step 2

Fold one of the 15 cm pieces of yarn in half. Place it underneath the long thread on your table. Take another piece and place it on top. Then, as shown in the picture below, feed the end of each thread into the loop of the other. Then repeat this step on the other side and so on.

Macrame leaves DIY step 2

Step 3

Once you've tied enough thread, draw the shape of a leaf, adapted to the size of your macramé, on a piece of paper. Cut out this shape and place it on your tied threads. Finally, cut the threads, following the shape on the paper. There you have it, a macramé leaf!

Macrame leaves DIY step 3

Step 4

Make as many leaves as you want, as big or small as you’d like. Then take a thread to hang the leaf from, slide one or two wooden beads onto it, and hang the thread on your branch. Repeat this step for all your leaves, varying the lengths of the thread so they hang at different heights.

If you like, you can also use a spray glue or hairspray to keep the leaf threads in place. Then tie a thin rope to the branch and hang it wherever you want.

Macrame leaves DIY

There you go! Your macrame leaf decoration is finished!

Of course, you can adapt it as you wish, with different sized leaves, different colors, and by varying the lengths of thread.

Feel free to take pictures of your decorations and tag us on social media with the hashtag #babysitsDIY. Did you like this article ? Check out our other DIYs and activities for kids !

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