Learning activities for young children

Learning activities for young children

By Babysits
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Education and teaching are two of the most important elements in every kid's life. Therefore, school is a valuable tool. Every parent admires and appreciates the patience and skill of their child's teacher. It is common for parents to take timeout of their busy schedules to teach children extra activities after school. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, you are not alone! At Babysits we have created 3 different printable activities for the little ones. We are here to help!

Let's count!

Teaching and learning to count can seem a boring task for both parents and kids, however, we have created this activity so your child can enjoy the learning process.

color the flower and the bees

Follow these steps:

  • Let your kid paint both the flower, the bees, and the butterflies. They can follow the example or just create their own version. It is freestyle time!
  • Cut the insects for them if needed, if not let them do it but keep an eye on them at all times!
  • Now it is time to learn! This activity is to help your kid learn about numbers and counting. You can place different variations of the butterflies and the bees or flowers, and ask them: How many bees are on the flower? Count for me how many butterflies are flying around the flower.
  • Ask them to count the number and write it on a sheet of paper.


For this activity, your kid can practice both writing and drawing. It is an easy activity but can also be fun and creative!

follow the dots of the shapes

  • First, ask them to follow the dots in order to create the shapes
  • Then, ask them to name every shape
  • Time to write! If your kid is old enough, they can write the name of each shape on top of the grey area. Here they are practicing both their writing and reading skills!
  • Last but not least: Painting time! As the last part of this activity, ask your kid to color each shape with a specific color. By doing this, you can check how the activity went, and if your kid needs an extra lesson about shapes!
  • As an extra activity, you can also do the Spanish version of the template. So they can also learn the shapes in a different language.

Spanish class

learning a language with fruits and animals

Learning languages is a very important and enriching part of someone's life. No matter how old or young you are, it can be life-changing! And the sooner and younger you get in touch with other languages, the easier it will be in the future to improve it.

That is why at Babysits we want to help you with this! We have created two different templates to teach your kids about animals and fruits, in both Spanish and English.

To make it more fun, you can print and cut them as little cards, and play different games with your kid. Here are some ideas:

  • Match Match: For this game you can print each template twice. Then cut all the pieces and lay them facing down. For each turn, the player has to flip 2 cards in order to find the pairs. The player with more pairs at the end wins.

Tip: Every time you flip the cards, say the name of the animal or fruit out loud in both languages.

  • Guess who I am: The aim of the game is to guess which card the other player has. It can be played with 2 people, but the more the merrier.

For this game, one player will take a card and without saying the name of the fruit or animal they have to describe it. The other players have to guess what it is. The first to guess the correct answer wins!

Tip: When using the animal cards, you can mimic the movements or the sound of the animals too!

Doing different activities at home with your kids will help them not only learn, but also have fun! If you also want to teach them and make a fun DIY at the same time check out our articles about emotions and our cool animals. And remember that learning is not only about the result but also about the process! If you make it fun, they will love it!