Fun things to do with kids in Toronto

Fun things to do with kids in Toronto

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Looking for some fun places in Toronto to take the kids? In Toronto, there are many things to do with kids no matter their interest or energy level. There is something for everyone, whether it's the beach, animals, science, history, or adventure! Check out our list of the best things to in Toronto with kids.

10 things to do in Toronto with kids

Things to do in Toronto with kids

1. CN Tower

The CN Tower is the most iconic activity to do in Toronto! It was once the tallest tower in the world. This tower is sure to get the kids excited for an adventure as they look up at this beautiful structure from below. This experience will be like nothing they have experienced before. After going up the elevator to the top of the city, the kids can look down at the world as they walk on the glass floor. The CN Tower is definitely a must see!

CN Tower

2. Ripley’s Aquarium

Another place you cannot miss is the Ripley’s Aquarium. It’s also right beside the CN Tower! What better way to let your kids have the best day ever than show them some amazing underwater creatures. It’s the biggest aquarium in the country, so you and the kids will have no shortage of fun with all the different animals to see and activities to try.

Ripley's Aquarium

3. Art Gallery of Ontario

Inspire your little artiste and take them to the Art Gallery of Ontario. There are many traditional and modern art to see, and even has a kids station with activities for them to let out their inner artist. The best part is that it’s FREE for kids, how great is that?

Art Gallery of Ontario

4. Royal Ontario Museum

Are your little ones really into dinosaurs or animals? The Royal Ontario Museum has everything from Prehistoric creatures to interactive bat caves! There are endless collections and exhibitions to check out and inspire kids to learn about the world. They also have a ROM Kids program with many events and even a summer camp.

Royal Ontario Museum

5. Woodbine Beach

What kid doesn’t love the beach? Woodbine Beach is an awesome spot in Toronto. This large beach is great for kids to run free and have fun in the sun. There are also some great facilities, such as a pool, beach volleyball, a playground, biking trails, a picnic area and changing facilities. It’s a great place to spend the whole day playing and relaxing with your little ones.

Woodbine Beach

6. Casa Loma

Do your little ones love castles, princes and princesses? Then take them to this historical Gothic residence and let them live out their royal fantasy at Toronto’s Casa Loma. Casa Loma is a staple in Torontonian history and a great place to teach kids about the local history of the area. The residence, its gardens and stable are definitely a must see!

Casa Loma

7. Centre Island

As you probably know, Toronto is situated on Lake Ontario. Just off the mainland of the city is Centre Island, among others. Centre Island is a great idea if you want to get the kids outside and also are looking for some excitement. You can rent bikes, have a picnic, go to the kids park or the amusement park! There is so much to see and do. If you visit Centre Island, it’s guaranteed that your kids will have the best day ever!

Centre Island

8. Ontario Science Centre

The Ontario Science Centre is also a guaranteed best day ever. There is SO much to see and do, and your kids will learn so much. Whether you are a parent or a babysitter, the Ontario Science Centre is a safe bet for a fun day. Bringing your kids to a science centre is a great way to let your kids learn and have fun at the same time.

Ontario Science Centre

9. Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is a great place to visit at any age. With animals from all over the world, your kids will never get bored. See some underwater creatures, go on a safari walk, visit the polar bears, or say hello to the gorillas. There are also many Canadian animals to see. In other words, there is unlimited excitement for your little ones.

Toronto Zoo

10. High Park

Looking for a more laid back option? High Park is a slice of heaven in the big city, with lovely gardens and playgrounds for kids. Not to mention, it has a zoo! With recreational and natural areas, the park has something for every child’s needs. The park also has facilities such as sports, culture, and education. High Park is the perfect place to choose your own adventure.

High Park in Toronto

We hope this list could provide some helpful tips as to where to bring the kids next! Looking for fun ideas to do at home with the kids? Be sure to check out our kids activities and kids crafts.

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