The Top 10 Spring Activities to Do With Your Dog and Your Kid

The Top 10 Spring Activities to Do With Your Dog and Your Kid

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By Babysits
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With spring in the air and the cold weather behind us, your human and canine kiddos may be raring for some warm-weather adventure. After all, there's no better time like the present for some fun in the sun.

If you're like most of us, you do the same things over and over again each season. Instead of doing those same tired activities, why not try something new for this season? Our friends at Wag! helped out with these top 10 spring activities to do with dogs and kids that won't disappoint!

dog and child

#1. Visit a dog-friendly botanical garden

Nothing says spring has sprung like a visit to a botanical garden. But this year, why not take the whole fam along to smell the flowers? Bring your camera to snap some keepsake glamor shots of your babies with the roses. Remember, every botanical garden has different policies, so call before your visit to make sure they allow dogs.

#2. Have a barbeque

Is it even spring if you don't break out the grill? Kids love eating outside, and we’re sure your pup won’t mind either. Let your kiddos roast their own weenies over the grill — just make sure you watch them carefully.
Throw some meats on the grill for Spot, too. Pups love grilled steaks, sausage, weenies, and chicken as much as humans do, so why not let them indulge every now and then? Just remember, no cooked bones for Spot since these can become lodged in their stomach.

Dog and child hiking

#3. Go hiking

What better way to celebrate a beautiful spring day than a hike with your two and four-legged friends? Hiking is a great way to expend some energy for rambunctious toddlers and dogs. Your pack will love navigating the trails and scouting out all the woodland critters coming out after a long winter of hibernation. Remember, warm weather brings bugs, so be sure to take some dog-safe bug repellent for your crew.

#4. Plant an herb garden

Let your minis put their digging skills to good use with the addition of a springtime herb garden! This activity keeps giving, at least until the next frost hits. Basil, catnip, lavender, lemon balm, peppermint, and rosemary are all dog-safe herbs that make a tasty addition to foods and teas. Plus, these herbs have the added benefit of repelling insects (as if you needed another reason to garden).

Dog gardening

#5. Go to a drive-in movie

Mild weather makes springtime one of the best times to enjoy a movie at the drive-in. Whether it be hair-raising suspense or sappy comedies on the big screen, your crew will love just being beside you!

#6. Go to a farmers' market together

Pick up fresh veggies and get some exercise, too, with a walk around your local farmers' market. The spring and summer are the best time for peak veggie freshness, so grab your reusable bag and get to shopping. Let the kids help you pick out your veggies and prep them for dinner when you get home. Besides being fun and delicious, the farmers’ market is great for the local economy and is eco-friendly to boot.

#7. Hit the lake for a picnic

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather with a lakeside picnic with your pack. Bring a blanket and a tasty spread of sandwiches and veggies (think carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, and cucumbers for Fido). Your crew will love the chow but not as much as adventuring with you.

#8. Take a scenic drive

Next, cruise off into the sunset with your little minions on a quest for adventure. Google scenic routes near you, and don't forget to pack a leash for some off-road fun. What are you waiting for? Let the top back and feel that wind in your hair (and fur!).

Dog driving

#9. Create a backyard obstacle course

If you’re looking for a spring activity that's closer to home, why not create a backyard obstacle course? Use household items like jugs, cones, and boxes to create a maze for your two and four-legged kiddos. Have the kiddos guide Fido through the course while you time them. You can even throw in a surprise for the winner!

#10. Explore a new city on foot

Is there a town or city nearby that you’ve yet to explore? Clear your schedule and embark on a fun-filled day of new sites and smells. Who knows? You may just find your new favorite dog-friendly park or restaurant.

Dog city

Well, that does it for the top 10 spring activities to do with dogs and kids. Whatever activity you choose, we know your crew will just be happy to be by your side.

Looking for more activities for your family? Be sure to check out our other fun activities for kids and families!

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