Top tips to write a great Babysits profile

Top tips to write a great Babysits profile

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Looking for babysitting work? If you're looking for babysitting work, you need a great profile to increase your chances of being hired by families. Read top tips on how to improve your babysitting profile here!

Parents will often go with a better looking and more complete profile, so be sure yours stands out from the crowd! What are the golden rules for a successful profile?

Tip 1. Profile Photo

Use a good photo of yourself where you look nice, but also serious (professional). Make sure that your face is clearly visible. A first impression is really important, and as a babysitter, you naturally want to be seen as positive, professional, and trustworthy.

Read our other article about how to make a professional profile photo.

Tip 2. Motivation

Alongside the profile photo, the motivation is the first thing that parents on Babysits will see on your profile.

You can imagine your motivation as your virtual business card. It's important to have a strong motivation that explains who you are, why you want to work as a babysitter, and what experience you have.

Fill in your profile description with nice anecdotes and relevant skills. This way you can grab the attention of parents and increase your chances of quickly finding a babysitting job.

You can read more tips about writing a good babysitting motivation here.

Tip 3. Experience

Make sure to specify all of the experience you have with babysitting and childcare. Have you, for example, already worked with a family for a few years or do you have experience with children with special needs?

Mention this in your profile! You can also ask families with whom you've already worked to leave a reference or review on your profile.

Tip 4. Education

Do you have a relevant certification or degree related to childcare? Make sure to include an updated overview of your educational background (what you are studying or have studied)!

Tip 5. Specializations

If you have something special to offer, such as a second language, homework help, playing an instrument or a different special hobby, it can be beneficial to share this on your profile.

Tip 6. Babysitting rate

Most babysitters want to earn money while babysitting. This is why it's important to include an indication on your profile regarding how much you would like to earn per hour for babysitting.

No idea how much to ask? You can see an average of what other babysitters ask when entering the hourly rate on your profile.

Tip 7. Availability

Another important tip is to clearly indicate your availability. This way, you can avoid other members contacting you to babysit when you aren't available.

It's important to occasionally review and update your availability, changing this in case your availability has changed.

Tip 8. Profile Video

Tell the Babysits community a little about yourself, for example, why you love working with kids. It's important to give a convincing story. You can do this via your profile description, however, you can do this even better via a Profile Video!

With a quality profile, finding a great babysitting job through Babysits is easy. Be sure to advertise your babysitting qualifications through your description, references, and reviews, and don’t forget to increase your visibility through the badge system!

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