Mathematics for kids

Mathematics for kids

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By Babysits
3 min read

Did you know that learning maths can be fun? We all know that maths is not a popular subject among most children. It’s not surprising that most adults also react negatively when asked about their maths skills. Children develop a dislike for maths from an early age and eventually avoid it at all costs throughout adult life. Is this a result of our own attitudes and behaviors, or do parents and teachers need to be more creative and fun when teaching their kids their 1,2,3’s….! Develop your child's skills by checking out our maths activity sheets.

Here at Babysits, we are big fans of maths and all its benefits and you can be too! We want to address this negative perception and help parents find new ways to enjoy maths activities with their children. Here are three ways to help your children fall back in love with mathematics including some fun printable activity sheets:

1. Make it relevant
Traditionally mathematics is taught in a systematic way, this way of learning is not always suitable for everyone. Use real-life situations to capture your child’s imagination.

Example: Ask them to help you measure ingredients when baking bread and ask them math questions about the mix depending on their ability. For example “if we have 6 eggs and we use two, how many eggs are left?.” or harder questions like “We need 300g of flour and we have 1,000g. What percentage do we need?” This will help your kids to relate maths to the real world around them.

2. Be a maths role model
Allow your children to see you enjoying maths (even if you don’t)! Use maths to compare or calculate total prices when doing the grocery shopping or when measuring with a ruler for DIY projects.

Example: Try to be positive and encouraging about daily maths tasks but let your child know it's ok to find it difficult as it’s worth working through it.

3. Join the dots
Maths is important both inside and outside the classroom. Parents should focus on the everyday application of maths as well as the numerical. This will allow children to learn the importance of maths outside the classroom and as a skill which will help them complete everyday tasks

Example: Use maths to teach them how to count money. Add or subtract the following money amounts.

  • €4 + €5 = €
  • €5 + €1 = €

Why not use our printable activity sheets to help with your at-home maths class!

Activity 1 Activity 2
Maths activity sheet Maths activity sheet
Activity 3 Activity 4
Maths activity sheet Math Activity Sheet

Maths is important as it provides vital life skills. It will help your child to measure, problem solve and develop an understanding of shapes. It can also be a lot of fun! Start early and watch as your child blossoms into a mini Albert Einstein!

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