Hey! My name is Connie and I'm looking for someone to look after my 6 year old son, Carter. He is a very sweet, funny, and independent little man who will have you knowing all the super heroes and villains by the end of the first day! My Boyfriend and I are both full time working parents who would only need a sitter for Monday-Wednesday. The only issue would be the start time: 6 AM ...this rreason is because I work at a surgical center and my boyfriend works in the city. It would be 8 hr days for 3 days. I get home fairly early...earliest 1pm latest would be 3pm. All I would need is someone to stay with my son, possibly take him To the park and keep him active. I will have meals for him prepared for lunch and by that time I would be home. He is still in remote learning til June, but during the summer it's free range to do anything you would want to do. My pay offer would be 12-15/ hr; willing to negotiate based on credentials. I do hope to hear from you!

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