Stories from the Babysits community

I used to babysit regularly for a family in my neighborhood, but after they moved away, I was left jobless. I then heard about Babysits from one of my friends, and after creating my account, was contacted by multiple parents near me. Thanks to Babysits, I always have a job lined up!

William, Los Angeles

With Babysits, I have been able to cut out the trouble of finding parents through word of mouth thanks to the huge community of parents. The handy notification service also means that I can book jobs much more quickly than ever before. I definitely recommend this platform!

Cassandra, Houston

I was looking for a part time job to earn some extra cash, but was finding it difficult to secure anything long-term. That’s when I heard about Babysits. Thanks to the website, I’ve been able to find a steady stream of jobs that fit with my schedule, and at no extra cost!

Brianna, New York City

Before Babysits, I had tried out a lot of different child care options, but they were either too expensive or unreliable. Babysits is different because it offers such a large variety of babysitters to pick from so that I can match my needs at that particular moment. When I was throwing my daughter a birthday party for example, I needed an experienced babysitter that could help me look after the children. However, when my child has already been put to bed, I don’t need a professional childminder.

Ellie, Los Angeles