Stories from the Babysits community

I'm studying early childhood education and thought that babysitting would be a great side job where I could also practice helping children learn. Luckily, I came across Babysits and found a family! I still babysit and tutor their children and it has been great for me to earn some money doing what I'm passionate in.

Monica, Tampa

Babysits is great for parents like me that have an unpredictable schedule. I had always found it hard in the past to find casual babysitters for last minute jobs without having to use an agency, especially on weekends! However, after signing up for Babysits, I can say that I no longer have this problem because there are so many sitters to choose from that I know will be available for when I need them.

Sam, New York City

After moving to a new area, it was difficult for me to find jobs in child care as my community is very small. Then, I learned about Babysits, and found that there were actually a lot of babysitting jobs that I wasn’t aware of. Without Babysits, I would never have found out about these babysitting job opportunities!

Jennifer, Chicago

Before Babysits, I had tried out a lot of different child care options, but they were either too expensive or unreliable. Babysits is different because it offers such a large variety of babysitters to pick from so that I can match my needs at that particular moment. When I was throwing my daughter a birthday party for example, I needed an experienced babysitter that could help me look after the children. However, when my child has already been put to bed, I don’t need a professional childminder.

Ellie, Los Angeles