Stories from the Babysits community

I was looking for a family to babysit for and Babysits made the whole process so easy. I was able to search through potential families, see their availabilities and requirements, and contact the ones who best matched my own wishes. In the end, I was hired by a family who still ask me to babysit on an ongoing basis for them now! I've made a really strong connection with them and their child thanks to Babysits.

Maddie, Chicago

Babysits is a great way to find babysitters last minute. The transparency of the website has also helped me to make better decisions when selecting babysitters because I can ensure that the babysitter meets my child care needs. I definitely recommend this website to parents looking for babysitters without the hassle!

Melissa, Houston

My wife and I were asking around for a babysitter with no luck until we came across babysits. We were able to filter through babysitters to find the ones closest to our area, who had the availability and experience we needed. Our child has really bonded with the babysitter and we couldn't be happier.

Paul, Washington, D.C.

It was always difficult for me to leave my children at home alone with a new babysitter because I was always afraid of what would happen once I left. Babysits has helped to ease my mind about babysitting because I can view information about babysitters upfront before contacting them. The helpful tips have guided me in choosing good babysitters that I can trust.

Grace, Chicago