Stories from the Babysits community

Before Babysits, I had tried out a lot of different child care options, but they were either too expensive or unreliable. Babysits is different because it offers such a large variety of babysitters to pick from so that I can match my needs at that particular moment. When I was throwing my daughter a birthday party for example, I needed an experienced babysitter that could help me look after the children. However, when my child has already been put to bed, I don’t need a professional childminder.

Ellie, Los Angeles

My wife and I were asking around for a babysitter with no luck until we came across babysits. We were able to filter through babysitters to find the ones closest to our area, who had the availability and experience we needed. Our child has really bonded with the babysitter and we couldn't be happier.

Paul, Washington, D.C.

Babysits is a wonderful website and makes it very easy to search and filter for your specific needs. I would recommend it to anyone in search of a babysitter. It really helped simplify my search for a babysitter and helped me find the perfect one to take care of my kids.

Taylor, Los Angeles

As a single parent, I was looking for a flexible babysitter to look after my child when I’m running late at work or have to attend special functions. Before Babysits, I resorted to costly options like hiring professional babysitters through agencies, or even temporary nannies. After signing up to Babysits, I’ve found several great sitters that I can contact to come over for last minute babysitting. It’s so quick, easy and best of all – cheap!

Roger, Philadelphia