Stories from the Babysits community

I was looking for a family to babysit for and Babysits made the whole process so easy. I was able to search through potential families, see their availabilities and requirements, and contact the ones who best matched my own wishes. In the end, I was hired by a family who still ask me to babysit on an ongoing basis for them now! I've made a really strong connection with them and their child thanks to Babysits.

Maddie, Chicago

I used to babysit regularly for a family in my neighborhood, but after they moved away, I was left jobless. I then heard about Babysits from one of my friends, and after creating my account, was contacted by multiple parents near me. Thanks to Babysits, I always have a job lined up!

William, Los Angeles

As a single parent, I was looking for a flexible babysitter to look after my child when I’m running late at work or have to attend special functions. Before Babysits, I resorted to costly options like hiring professional babysitters through agencies, or even temporary nannies. After signing up to Babysits, I’ve found several great sitters that I can contact to come over for last minute babysitting. It’s so quick, easy and best of all – cheap!

Roger, Philadelphia

I'm studying early childhood education and thought that babysitting would be a great side job where I could also practice helping children learn. Luckily, I came across Babysits and found a family! I still babysit and tutor their children and it has been great for me to earn some money doing what I'm passionate in.

Monica, Tampa