Meet the Babysitter of the Month Josephine

Meet the Babysitter of the Month Josephine

By Babysits
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Every month, in order to introduce you to a few experienced and passionate babysitters, we share a Babysitter of the Month from Babysits. The Babysitter of the Month is a babysitter working via Babysits who has received positive feedback from the parents on our platform.

This month, we interviewed Josephine from Rotterdam to learn more about her, and her experience babysitting.

How did you get started as a babysitter on Babysits?

"Because I have two little sisters, I quickly learned that I loved kids and really wanted to babysit. When I was 14, I started to babysit children in my neighborhood. I wanted to babysit for multiple families, but I couldn’t always find these families via my personal network."

"Luckily, I found and signed up on Babysits a year later. Since then, I’ve been babysitting for several different families that I found via Babysits and I hope to continue babysitting for years to come."

Babysitter of the month Josephine

What are the skills that you learned while babysitting?

"The experience that I’ve built up and everything I’ve learned through babysitting is really valuable to me. Even when I’m not babysitting, my experience from babysitting is very useful. When babysitting you learn a lot of skills which you can use for the rest of your life. Personally, babysitting has helped me build skills and characteristics like responsibility, communication, problem solving, self confidence, and patience. Next to this, I’ve always found babysitting simply really fun!"

Babysitter of the Month

"Caring for someone’s children is a huge responsibility, one I’m happy to take on!"

What is your favorite thing about babysitting?

"I love kids, so my favorite thing about babysitting is that most of the time it doesn’t feel like work at all, I really enjoy it. Crafting, going to the petting zoo, baking cookies, or reading stories, every day is different but it’s never boring with the kids!

If you babysits for one family consistently you also have the pleasure of getting to know the family well and seeing the kids develop. If the kids and parents trust you, you can build a unique bond with them. For example, I was able to babysit for a whole weekend while the parents went on a weekend trip, that was a really nice and unique experience.

Caring for someone’s children is a huge responsibility, one I’m happy to take on! That’s why I’m really happy to be part of the Babysits community."

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