Oppassen.nl becomes Babysits.nl

Oppassen.nl becomes Babysits.nl

By Babysits
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The online babysitting platform, Oppassen.nl, has announced that it will change its name to Babysits.nl. The name change matches and intends to create more consistency with the global brand, Babysits.

“2020 marks an important milestone in the evolution of Babysits,” says Peter van Soldt, founder of the online childcare platform. “In the last few years, Oppassen.nl has been expanded and evolved into this international company called Babysits, which is available in 38 countries. With more than 2 million users, Babysits has grown to be probably the most popular and trustworthy online babysitting platform in the world. While Oppassen.nl is known under the name Babysits in most countries, the platform has remained under the old name in the Netherlands. 12 years later, it is now time for the Netherlands! The rebranding will be officially completed through the changing of the domain name, Oppassen.nl to the brand name Babysits.nl.”

Seamless childcare worldwide

So, Oppassen.nl has finally changed its name to connect with the worldwide brand name, Babysits. But, what does this mean? The consistency with the worldwide brand is paired with worldwide opportunities. Since this year, Babysits users are able to use the same Babysits account anywhere in the world. The name removes worldwide barriers and offers a seamless experience where users can get in touch with members down the street, in the next country over, or on the other side of the world.

Why is this important? It gives parents and childcare providers the possibility to get the necessary support, information, and resources to find trustworthy babysitters or babysitting work anywhere in the world.

Oppassen.nl becomes Babysits.nl

About Babysits

Babysits is an online childcare platform, where parents and childcare providers can easily get in touch with each other. The user-friendly platform is designed to give parents the freedom and peace of mind that they need. This ideal runs parallel to the mission of empowering communities around childcare, worldwide.

Babysits’ motivated team works every day to support safe, accessible and affordable childcare. Next to this, trustworthiness and transparency are the core values of the company.