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Serious Inquiries Only! Hello Guys! My name is Hazel. I'm looking for a Nanny with a full open availability. I'm willing to pay the right person. The people I've reached out to have gave me the run around. You can get paid either weekly or bi-weekly remember this is full time position. My schedule is put out every 2 weeks and willing to accommodate your needs as possible. We value family time and trust. Kids are very passionate there time spent with friends and family. The activities they enjoy playing outside and my oldest loves to draw. Kids needing to be more responsible and self significant. Traits that are important being able to de-escalate the kids and there triggers and fighting. Have to have a lot of patience. As far as parking I have a drive way and plenty of room in front of my house. I have one small dog her name is Bella she is a Jack Russell mix and she is very sweet.

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Babysitting job in Waco, McLennan, Texas

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