Hello sitters my name is Samantha and I am currently seeking a friendly responsible, qualified and baby certified would be great! Individual to care for my one year old son! I do have daycare on the weekdays currently but the hours of my work schedule need me more than what daycare offers. I’m looking for someone who is available to babysit in my home on Friday, sat, Sunday hours Friday night would be until eleven and it would be 3-11 unless they have a license and safe car they can pick him up at daycare by five thirty and come to my home until eleven Saturday would be 3-11 most likely but could be 7-3 dayshift I would know ahead of time though for you and Sunday would be the same as Saturday and that would not be ever weekend day my schedule would rotate and it would be known two weeks ahead of time so u wod have still one day to yourself! Also I’m looking for maybe someone I can call if I need to run errands or dr appt that may be able to watch him a couple hours during week at their availability and of course it would be preferred to be the same person so he knows them and comfortable and I would love to build a trusting friendly relationship with our sitter I’m a single mom and have no family close enough to help ! Also I have a cat so must be ok with her she is friendly ! That’s basically it please reach out to me I can’t wait to meet you!!

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