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Hi, my name is Hannah and I'm pretty desperate to find someone qualified but affordable enough to watch my child 5 days a week Mon- Friday for 8 hours each day. At the moment I'm not able to go to work because I've had problems finding someone who can keep up with his high energy. So I would only be able to pay on a weekly basis every Friday. I'm willing to pay up to $150 a week. I can be a little flexible and we can discuss the details if you feel that you need a little more than that to watch my son. He's 3years old and he needs someone who is willing to give him a lot of attention and love. He's a fun little ball of energy and will always make you smile. Highly intelligent and perceptive, attention to details is his specialty. He'll charm you with his sweet personality and keep you entertained for hours.

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Babysitting job in Sparks, Washoe County, Nevada

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