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I currently work overnight weekends (Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night) at a city hospital. As of right now, there is no change change of schedule in sight. And this has been fine until recently and I now find myself in need of care for my 5 year old daughter for the summer until she goes off to kindergarten. What I would like from you: Non-smoker is a must. I would like it if you had a car; just in case an emergency should arise. What you can expect from me: My daughter will be washed, fed and ready for bed. If the arrangements are for you to stay at my place, I can pick up/drop off at the nearest T station. Or if you live locally, I can pick up/drop off at your house in Quincy, Braintree, Randolph or Milton (I don't feel like I can safely drive to Boston after an overnight shift). We don't have TV but we do have wifi, we don't allow shoes in the house, you can eat the food in moderation (we have FlavorIce!), we don't have a guest bedroom but do have extra linen for the unoccupied bed. If you are more comfortable with my child coming to your house, that is perfectly fine as well. I work from 7pm to 7 am, so you will be with my child from 6pm to 7:45 am. My daughter is a good girl, minds her manners, and knows her bedtime (she knows how to tell when the clock says 8:30!). She's mainly quiet. She wakes at around 7am but entertains herself and will wait for me to get home for her breakfast. She enjoys the outdoors and crafts. She's very social and loves babies (so the past few months have been rough not seeing other little people). Every once in a while, she'll get into shenanigans, but, it's good hearted fun. Our neighborhood is quiet and our neighbors are nice. We have a fenced in backyard where I let her loose sometimes like a wild dog. But, there is also a park in walking distance and we are a 5 minute drive from Blue Hills. Now, the part you've been waiting for. Compensation. This is something we can talk about. But, essentially, I don't get paid a whole bunch and don't want to spend my whole check on child care. This job would be ideal for someone looking for pocket money or experience/a good reference, something to put on a college application. Ideally, no more than $250 per week. 😬

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