Hello my name is Sarah and I am a first time mother looking for in-home childcare. I work in management at Amazon and my husband, Jacob, is finishing his final year at IUPUI. Our ideal sitter is flexible, punctual, and reliable. This is an easy gig!!! My son is only a new born baby doesn't require much care other than the basics: feedings, diaper change, and social interaction. I work third shift and will be in the home (sleeping) at all times you would be there. We are only needing care 4 days a week, Thursday- Sunday, and sometimes less. Jacobs schedule is constantly changing so there may be weeks he is able to be home on one of the 4 days I work. (hope that makes sense) I will be able to lay out schedule for you two weeks in advance. The biggest thing we are looking for in a caregiver is reliability. We must find someone who is dependable. Last minute calling off will be devastating to us. Of course, I understand things come up and life happens! You will be our soul caregiver and very important unit in our family. I was a nanny for years in college, so I think to think it gives me an interesting dynamic. I want you to feel comfortable in our home and always know how much we greatly appreciate you. We are also looking for someone who wont mind helping out with light house work. You wont be doing deep cleaning by any means, just basic tidying up. Any nanny we would hire MUST MUST MUST have their CPR and First Aide Certificate. If we found someone who we think would be perfect fit for us, but didn't have that, I would be willing to pay for you to get it and help you find a place to get it! So if you don't have it, please don't let this discourage you from applying. We have one male cat, Kitty aka KiKi. He is very social and loves being around people.

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