I am looking for a sitter interested in full- time work babysitting my two month old. He will be 5 months when the jobs starts, but I would love to book a few trial sitting jobs beforehand. I am looking for someone that can give him a daycare experience without the presence of other children. This includes, tracking his feedings , naps, and diaper changes. It also means doing age appropriate activities such as story time, tummy time, and allowing him to listen to age appropriate music and/ or singing. I would love someone with a car to take him on paid field trips, but I’m okay if the sitter does not drive. I prefer someone with strong communication skills to tell me with ample advance notice when a day off is needed, when they are feeling ill, or if they are not able to come to work. I pay weekly , as I used to be a nanny and found that I had greater work satisfaction when my pay was not held a week due to parent vacations or holidays. Lastly, I’m looking for someone that can be an extension of me ☺️ my son is my heart and I would just like someone to try their best to take good care of him. Please contact me if this person is you! Thank you!

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