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My name is Tabitha. We just recently moved to West Virginia from Ohio. We have two boys ages 3 and 4. We're currently looking for a sitter that is reliable for after school care and occasional Saturday nights (maybe once a month). Our boys are fun loving, cuddle babies. Our 3 yr old is a fully functional non-verbal autistic, but he communicates very well in so many other ways. He has sensory needs (if he doesn't like the way something feels in his hands or a food texture in his mouth he will throw it away from him). He also wants/needs his shoes on almost all the time. Our 4 yr old has a latex allergy. He is also almost fully potty trained, few accidents but not many. He likes video games, but we limit them. They both like to be big helpers and are very persistent. Our 4 yr old is extremely helpful especially with his little brother. They are amazing, great, loving kids who want to be just that, kids with someone to watch over them and not afraid to get on their level and have fun with them.

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