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Rebecca F
1 - 2 yearsexperience
28 yearsold

Hello, I'm Rebecca F S Rebecca F!

Good day! My brief description of myself would be;
I am a fun-loving babysitter. I simple enjoy spending time with children all different ages. I pride myself on being able to play and act goofy with the kids, yet still have them listen and respect me. I love taking children to interactive & fun activities such as parks, museums, libraries, gardens, etc. But I can also spend the day at home coloring, dancing, or playing eye spy. It's very easy for me to connect with kids, and keeping the child's well-being is something very important for me and I take it seriously. I am healthy balance of an easy going/patient attitude, but assertive when needed. I understand the importance of my role and willing to take that responsibility.

About myself;

* Age: 28
* Born: Venezuela
* Spoken languages:
- Spanish: 10/10
- English 7/10
- Japanese: 4/10
* Education: Architecture & Design
* Trainings: Multiple
* Work experience: Multiple, related to different kind of jobs
* Hobbies: Books, pictures, outdoor activities, bikes, roller skates, slack line, rock climbing, working out, camping, hiking, planting, adventures.
* Interested: Music, movies, fashion design, traveling, meditation.
* Vegan diet
* Non smoker
* Animal/Nature/Planet Conservationist
* No children
* Reliable car

Reference by request.

Looking forward to meeting you, families!

Languages ​​in which I can babysit

  • English


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About myself as a babysitter

Gender Female
Smokes No
Has children No
Driver's license Yes
Age 28
Experience with babysitting 1 - 2 years
Experience with age(s)
  • Baby
  • Toddler
  • Preschooler
  • Gradeschooler
  • Teenager
Preferred babysitting location No preference
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Member since February 2018
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City Babysitter Denver (80229)
Province/region Denver County, Colorado

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